“What is WAPR:

WAPR is an international NGO, composed mainly by interdisciplinary mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, occupational-therapists, social educators, etc.), and also with people with service user and family member experiences, from all regions in the World.”


Life during the Corona Virus: View from the Ground   Life during the Corona Virus: View from the Ground  

“Mission and goals:

The mission of the WAPR is the dissemination of principles and practices of psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery. Service user and family member-experiences are valued as important knowledge bases. In the WHO/WAPR consensus statement jointly endorsed in 1996, psychosocial rehabilitation is defined as a process that facilitates the opportunity for individuals impaired, disabled or handicapped by a mental disorder to reach their optimal level of functioning in the community. It implies both improving individuals’ competencies and introducing environmental changes in order to improve their quality of life.”



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