Board 2015 – 2018 old

murali waprPresident

Thyloth Murali (India)

murali waprPresident elect

Gabriele Rocca (Italy)

murali waprVice President

Pichet Udomratn. (THAILAND)

radhakrishnan waprVice President

V.K. Radhakrishnan

murali waprGen Secretary

Solomon Rataemane (SOUTH AFRICA)

murali waprDep. Sec. General

Shahid Quraishi (UK)

carmen waprTreasurer

(Appointed by President)

ricardo guinea waprPresident

Ricardo Guinea

javed wapr

Immediate past President

Afzal Javed

ferguson waprVice President

Alberto Fergusson

solomon waprGen Secretary

Solomon Rataemane (South Africa)

marit-waprEditor WAPR Bulletin

Marit Borg (NORWAY)

Regional Vicepresidents and Deputies

• Europe •

Europe Reg VP

Antonio Maone

Europe Dep. Reg VP

Michael Sadre-Chirazi-Stark (Germany)

Europe Dep. Reg VP

Shahid Quraishi (UK)

Europe Dep. Reg VP

Bernanrd Jacob (Belgium)

Europe Reg. Dep. Vp.

Germana Agnetti (Italy)

• Africa •

Africa Reg VP

Monique Mucheru (Kenya)

Prof Ndetei photoAfrica Dep. Reg VP

David M. Ndetei (Kenya)

Professor David M. Ndetei through Africa Mental Health Foundation conducts research to inform integration of affordable and appropriate mental health services in primary healthcare in low-resource settings with a focus on incorporating mental health in treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension, interventions for mother-child health and early childhood development, school mental health, suicide and the identification of genetic biomarkers of mental and neurological illnesses and has published on the same extensively. He also serves as Chair of the African Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Zone 14 representative of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA).

Africa Dep. Reg VP

Peter Yaro (Ghana)

Africa Dep. Reg VP

Prof. Markos Tesfaye (Ethiopia)

• America •

America Reg VP

Pedro Delgado (Brazil)

America Dep. Reg VP

Anel García (Mexico)

America Dep. Reg VP

Georgina Fumero (Costa Rica)


America Dep. Reg VP

Alexander Sandy Smith

• Eastern Mediterranean •

medhat2015Eastern Mediterranean Reg VP

Medhat Elsabbahy (UAE)

Dr. Medhat Elsabbahy is Consultant Psychiatrist with over 28 years of experience in the field. He joined BSP SKMC Abu Dhabi , UAE in 1995 ,and since 1999 serves as the head of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Community psychiatry department . He graduated from Ain Shams University Cairo Egypt   1986 with a Bachelor’s of Medical Sciences and Surgery ,he completed 4 years of residency training in Psychiatry 1988 – 1992 and got Masters in Neurology and Psychiatry. He was honored the Arab board of Psychiatry 1999. He completed the Medical Doctorate of Psychiatry from Ain Shams University 2004. He has 18 years of experience in the field of community psychiatry and psychiatric rehabilitation He is a member of the PRA International Committee , and the Advisory Council of the PRA academy. He is the Regional Vice President of WAPR for EMRO. He is the Head of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Division of the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists.

sayedEastern Mediterranean Dep-Reg VP

Nasar Sayeed Khan (Pakistan)

Dr Khan is working as professor of adult psychiatry in a tertiary care center in Pakistan he is also president elect of Pakistan psychiatric society for the term of 2015-2017. He has published more than 50 in national and international journals. His main interest is teaching, training and research with special interest in mental health advocacy, schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder. He is the teacher and the trainer in the leading universities of Pakistan and also in the editorial board of international journal of mental health JPPS, and Esculapio. He is an active member of AMBT, APA, EPA, WPA and WAPR.

Eastern Mediterranean Dep-Reg VP

Ibrahim Murad (Palestine)

• South East Asia •

South East Asia Reg VP

Pichet Udomratn (Thailand)

America Dep. Reg VP

Nirosha Mendis (Sri Lanka)

rabaniSouth East Asia Dep. Reg VP.

Golam Rabbani (B’Desh)

Department of Social Services Level-10, E-8/B-1, Agargaon Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka Mobile: +8801711525343, +8801552352107.
Chairperson Neuro Developmental Disability Protection Trust Ministry of Social Welfare,Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh President Bangladesh association of Psychiatrists.

abuSouth East Asia Dep. Reg VP

Abu Bakar Kadir (Malaysia)

Graduated as a medical doctor in 1983 and then as a psychiatrist in 1991. He is now working as a psychiatrist and hospital director in a public mental hospital in Malaysia. He has special interest in Community and rehabilitation Psychiatry and has developed community-based services in several areas in Malaysia. Was part of the group that developed several guidelines on community based services in Malaysia. He started the Family Support Group movement in Malaysia and is now the advisor of the National Family Support Group Association. His current interest is in developing work based rehabilitation services in the country. He received the Mental Health Award from the Department of Mental Health, Thailand in 2013. He is also a council member of Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations

• Western Pacific •

Western Pacific. Reg VP

Harry Minas (Australia)

Head of the Global and Cultural Mental Health Unit, Centre for Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population Health, and Director of the Melbourne Refugee Studies Program, at the University of Melbourne. He has been active in research, teaching and service development in transcultural and refugee mental health, international mental health systems development, and human rights, disability and mental health. He is Co-Director of a WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health and Substance abuse, a member of the WHO Director-General’s International Expert Panel on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Mental Health Systems.

Western Pacific Dep. Reg VP

N. Shinfuku (Japan)

Western Pacific Dep. Reg VP

Eva Teng (Taiwan)

Western Pacific Dep. Reg VP

JongGook Lee (Korea)

Board members

Esko Hanninen


Ida Kosza


2015_Roncone photo
Rita Roncone


Full Professor of Psichiatry, University of Aquila
Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences, Unit of Psychiatry
Rita Roncone is Full Professor of Psychiatry, University of L’Aquila, Italy. She is in the board of the WAPR-Italian branch. Since academic year 2001-02 she is President of the L’Aquila University Degree Course on Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Health Professions Course) and Member of the Italian national Board of Health Professions Degree Courses. She was elected as National President of the Italian Society of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (2008 – 2011). Her clinical work is based on early interventions and in family psychoeducational treatments. She is author of more than 100 scientific publications, mostly dealing with the psychosocial treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Henrik Wahlberg


Nalaka Mendis

Sri Lanka

Marianne Farkas


Victoria Huehn


Paola Carozza


Ravi Shankar Rao


Michaela Amering


Khalid A Mufti


Ana Pitta


Representatives of families

francisco sardinaFrancisco Sardina Ventosa


Mr. Sardina, with a background as a father of a person with MHD, has been the President of Manantial Foundation for 19 years. Manantial Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by family associations whose goals are: performing legal support for persons deprived of their legal act capacity by a judgment; managing a social care resources network in connection to the public MHS; running several economical activities to employ people with MHD (> 200); and advocating for people with MHD in criminal and prison setting. It promotes as well prevention initiatives, early care intervention, and awareness to facilitate their inclusion in society.

lingaerdeChristine Lingjærde


In Norway the national association of patient families is called LPP Norway, which stands for “Landsforeningen for pårørende innen psykisk helse”. LPP Norway works for same goals as WAPR but with a more specific focus on the relatives’situation and rights. Since 20011, I have been the elected chairman of the local LPPs board and since 2013 a board member of WAPR Norway. However my main position is regional manager for languages at the Institute of Adult Education at the regional office in Bergen (Folkeuniversitetet Vestlandet). Being a philologist and an administrator has helped me a great deal in my LPP tasks.

Representatives of voluntary organisations

S Imran Murtaza


Pandu Setiawan


Representatives of consumers

Magdalena Krossgåt


Guadalupe Morales Cano


    • Journalist, have worked in national tv channels during 15 years. Especially in the News in the International Section.Board Member of Mental Health Europe, last General Assemby in April 2015,member of MHE since 2007. Teaching positions at University of California, Davis, Universidad Europea, Madrid. At present teach at Universidad Jaume I, Valencia. Master of Psycosocial Professor at Universitá Jaume I Castellón. Spain. Master in Psycosocial Rehabilitación. Subject: Stigma and Mass Media. Coordinator of courses: training for trainers by peers to peers in mental health. After 8 times in psychiatric institutions since I was 18 years old where I suffered torture, and loosing my job, due to discrimination in 2002, I decided to create a website with an very active forum, to learn how deal with a mental health problem. This was a real and pioneer of peers to peers healing. In 2004 I was the founder and Director of Fundación Mundo Bipolar (2004), which is a non-profit National NGO for people with experience in sufferness because mental health disorders. Very intense activity in Spain and in the Europe Union. I´m member of the National Strategic Plan in Mental Health of Spain.Coordinator of Courses for pofessionals, for example: Emergencies in Mental Health, validated. Students of Medicine, Social Workers and Psychologists in Universities. Deputy Chair (European Network of (ex) users and survivors of Psychiatry since 2014. Member since 2010.

Liaison to UN and its agencies

Tae-Yeon Hwang.


Marina Economou


Past presidents

Afzal Javed


Gaston Harnois


Martin Gittelman


Benedetto Saraceno


M Parameshvara Deva


Jacques Dubuis


Zebulon Taintor


Angelo Barbato


Michael Madianos


Lourdes Ladrido ignacio


Oliver Wilson