WAPR Activities in Bogota, Colombia.

WAPR co-organised with Rosario University (Bogota Colombia) the conference “The role of emotions in the post conflict scenario”, under the leadership of Alberto Ferguson (WAPR VP) and Miguel Gutierrez (WAPR National Secretary for Colombia) and the presence of Ricardo Guinea (WAPR President). This event took place in a very intense moment in the country, in … Read more WAPR Activities in Bogota, Colombia.

WAPR in Quito, Ecuador.

In collaboration with PUCE “Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador”, under the coordination of Mariusz Wołońciej, WAPR National Secretary for Ecuador, WAPR calls for a international conference for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities”. The venue. October 14th. 2017. Quito, Ecuador.

WAPR in Bogota, Colombia.

WAPR will participate in the conference “II Symposium on the role of emotion in conflict scenery: a interdisciplinary view on the agreement”. (In reference with the negotiation for the end of the conflict with the Guerrilla in Colombia). The conference will present Ricardo Guinea, WAPR President; Alberto Fergusson, WAPR VicePresident; and Miguel Gutierrez, President WAPR … Read more WAPR in Bogota, Colombia.

WAPR World Congress Madrid 2018

The Spanish Organizing Committee has released the Poster Image for the next WAPR World Congress, to be held in Madrid, Spain, July 5-7, 2018. The chosen motto of the Congress will be “Recovery, Citizenship, Human Rights; Reviewing Consensus”.