Invitation to contribute at our upcoming Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

As you know a small group in WAPR have produced three newsletters to date (go to Home page:, on collective experiences of the Corona Virus.

We would like to now focus more specifically on sharing stories of resilience and hopefulness as, globally, we move forward to a period of distributing new vaccines, beginning to believe that there could be an end to the pandemic–as well as fighting another sharp increase in the numbers of people ill with the virus — and everything in between. 

In Newsletter #4, therefore, we ask your help in reaching out to people who want to share something they did, something someone else did, something observed—that heartened them about the human condition over the last few months ( e.g. between September – December 2020).

We are particularly interested in collecting more stories about: What helps you keep going? How do you keep up? How do you “bounce back” from feeling distressed?  How do you support others in “holding on”?

We believe that interspersing photos and drawings among the texts might be especially helpful. Please encourage your networks to send these as well.

Please send in contributions (800 words maximum)-either your own or those of people you think might want to be included by: January 30 2021 to:

Thank you for your participation & Happy holidays!

Marianne Farkas

Marit Borg

Michalis Lavdas