WAPR Documents and statements

• November 2016:

Three important documents on Human Rights in Psychosocial Rehabilitación.

European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing Final Conference – Brussels, 21 – 22 January 2016.

Mental health and human rights: Working in partnership with persons with a lived experience and their families and friends AFZAL JAVED, M. AMERING

UN Concluding observations on EU_Disability Convention.

• February 2016:

WAPR e-Monograph “Pshychosis: Patient and Family” (pdf)

• October 2014:

Memorandum of Understanding WAPR Clubhouse International

Athens declaration on Living on schizophrenia

• November 2012: Milano, Italy XI WAPR World Congress 2012

WAPR Statement: On the greek economical crisis. WAPR Resolution GR (pdf )

• June 2010: WAPR European Conference. Valladolid

Valladolid Statement:“Recovery from mental illness is posible and probable” (English pdf)

Declaracion de Valladolid. “Recuperarse de la enfermedad mental es posible y probable” (Spanish pdf)

• November 2006

WAPR Statement Against Torture and abuse of prisioners (english pdf)

Athens declaration: a call for action (english pdf )

Athens WAPR World Congress: Presidential Adress (english pdf )

• February 2006

The Brasilia Principles. Guiding Principles on the Development of Mental Health care in the Americas. (english pdf )

• October 2004

Kobe declaration: Human Rights of people with mental illness. English pdf | Español pdf

• June 1996

WHO/WARP Psychosocial Rehabilitation Consensus Statement. English pdf | Español pdf