This section provides organisational information for board members and branches representatives.


* Hereby, the Committee is calling for proposals of nominees for the next Board, according to our constitution. Deadline for proposal will be January 31th.
* The task of the Committee is to recommend a list of nominees for the next Board (period 2018-2021), in consultation with the current Board, with full respect of our Constitution and full transparency. (See our constitutional provision Annex 1).
* Proposals will be received by: Murali Thyloth, ( Chair of the Nominations Committee o With copy to Solomon Rataemane, WAPR Secretary General ( )
* Nominees must be regular members of WAPR (by individual membership or by organisational membership: being members of affiliated organisations in good standing).
* The committee will consider self-nominations (a WAPR Board member nominates him or herself ) and nominations made by other WAPR delegates. That that case, the nominee will be requested a statement of acceptance.
* According our “no written tradition”:
o The Committee will make efforts to reach a consensual recommendation list, that will first submitted to the Board and then (if consensus is reached in the Board) ) will be submitted to the Assembly. In order to do that, the Committee will undertake the appropriate contacts.
o Officers in positions that can be re-elected will be automatically regarded as nominees for that position (no need to send self-nomination, the Committee with check agreement of the nominee). See list of positions that need renewal, attached.
o In the case after this procedure there is more that that one nominee for a position, the Nomination Committee will report to the Board - and a final decision will be taken by voting in Madrid World Congress just before the next WAPR Assembly.

The Nomination Committee;
Chair Murali Thyloth.
Co-Chair: Gabriele Roca
Solomon Rataemane (Sec General)
Ricardo Guinea (Immediate Past President)
V. Radhakrishnan (VP)
Pichet Udomratn (VP)
Gabriele Roca.
A. Any member in good standing is eligible to nominate or be nominated for any position or office.
B. Nominations for specific positions an Officer or Member of the Board of Directors may be submitted in writing to the President / Chair of the Nomination Committee at least six months prior to the scheduled date of an Assembly meeting. President / Chair of the Nomination Committee after consultation with committee members will forward his / her recommendations to the Board and then to the Assembly for elections for final decision. A list of such nominees shall be mailed to all members on record at least three months before the Assembly meetings.
C. Chairs of standing committees shall be nominated by the President in the Board meeting.


Contact: Murali Thyloth (,  Secretary General: Solomon Rataemane (, Mathew Varghese (

WAPR Organises a World Congress every 3 years.

WAPR World Congress 2021:

Will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE


The call for bids for WAPR World Congress 2024 is now open. according to the following procedure.

Bids are to be presented by representatives of our National Branches. WAPR in your country

Bids are to be presented using the following form.

Deadline for submissions: March, 30th 2018.


The access to part of this section requires a password. The password will be sent to WAPR representatives form our headquarters.

In the case you are entitled to access this section and cannot remember the password, please write to , specify your name, e-mail address and position in WAPR, and you will received it by e-mail.