Released WAPR Bulletin; Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Worldwide, 49.

Read here the new issue of the WAPR Bulletin with the theme “Experiences of deinstitutionalization and community development worldwide” issued on December 2022.

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Deinstitutionalization – will it ever be given real priority? Gabriele Rocca.

De-institutionalization and the implementation of community-based care and rehabilitation services in South Africa: Where do we stand, what can we add? Anneliese de Wet.

The Case to Encourage Social Recovery in the Community through Sport and Physical Activity. Adam Benkwitz.

New Trauma for Refugees: bad law creates bad reception. A ‘social determinant’ of mental health problems amongst non-recognized refugees and immigrants. Anna Felcher.

Recovery-oriented services for young people – what does it involve? Mona Sommer, and Paola Carozza.

Citizenship-based care: Where it stands and where it might go. Francisco Eiroa-Orosa, Silje Louise Nord-Baade, and Michael Rowe.

The WHO QualityRights Initiative in Ghana. Joana Ansong, Leveana Gyimah, and Sally-Ann Ohene.

WHO QualityRights Programme in France: Implementation Strategy, Trends and Developments. Julie Gagnon, Bérénice Staedel, Clémence Gouy, and Simon Vasseur-Bacle.