Released WAPR Bulletin; Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Worldwide, 50.

Read here the new issue of the WAPR Bulletin with the theme “Meaningful work and occupation as an integral part of community mental health.” issued on June 2023.

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Promoting meaningful work through interorganisational and interdisciplinary collaboration. The IPSNOR project. Cathrine Moe, Lene Hellesvik Hansen, Barbara Stenvall, Sina Wittlund, Miles Rinaldi, and Beate Brinchman.

Supported Employment for South Africans with mental health conditions: an opportunity for sustainable and inclusive workforce integration. Madri Engelbrecht.

Building Sustainable Support by A One-stop Vocational Rehabilitation Service to Assist People with Psychiatric Disabilities Returning to Work in Taiwan. Su-Ting Hsu, Chien-Yun Ou, Po-Chun Liao, Hui-Tzu Chien, and Ming-Hui Kuo.

The Application of Multiple Rehabilitation Model in Psychiatric Patients Recovery. Tzyh-Chyang Chang.

In memory of Franco Rotelli by Benedetto Saraceno

WHO QualityRights Trainings in Madrid. Changing the Paradigm in Mental Health Care. Guadalupe Morales Cano.

An Experiential report and Critical appraisal of the WHO QualityRights e-Training on Mental Health, Recovery and Community Inclusion. Akhila Kallanja, N Vyjayanthi Venkataramu, and Murali Thyloth.

Assessing quality of care and observance of human rights in residential mental health facilities in Greece through the WHO QualityRights tool kit (summary). Eugenie Georgaca, Panagiota Plataniti, Aikaterina Vardoulaki, Maria Pampouchidou, Aikaterini Nomidou, and Panagiotis Chondros.

User-involvement in WAPR – my experiences. Guadalupe Morales Cano.

Navigating life as an educated but unemployed immigrant in Norway. Ejiro Iluore Oghene, and Felix Agyapong.

The First International Conference on Psychiatric Rehabilitation Policy in Israel. Max Lachman, and Taisia Leikin.

WAPR-Conference Norwegian Branch 2023. Marit Borg.

WAPR-Indian Chapter Conference on Promoting Rights and Recovery in Persons with Mental Illness. Sobhana Hariharasubramanian, Priyadarshee Abhishek, Vijay Gogoi, and Diptadi Mukherjee.