WAPR. London Atack. Solidarity with all victims from violence.

23 March 2017

On the occasion of the terrorist attack in London, it may be timely to recall a WAPR previous declaration (November 19th. 2015, after the bombing attack in París) and, on behalf WAPR:

  • Express our deepest solidarity with the people and the City of London.
  • Extend our solidarity to the victims of all kind of human produced disasters, including those that are not presented in the media with the same level of relevance or even ignored. WAPR considers that all these events deserve the same condemn and all the victims the same solidarity.
  • State, once again, as we have already done in previous statements*, that “ …promoting and protecting the mental health and the well being of the population must be a high priority for governments. Paying attention to the mental and emotional health of a nation’s people must be given added priority during crises and disasters such as the world is currently experiencing. Worth noting in this context is that mental health funding is cost effective”

                   * (Athens Declaration, 2013).

  • Note that WAPR is well aware of the relevancy of mental health problems in connection with the impact of trauma due to violence, natural disasters, or adverse social determinants, and is also of the role of Psychosocial Rehabilitation principles and strategies on the aid of communities to overcome the impact of such events.

Madrid, march 23rd. 2017. 
WAPR Head Office.