WAPR Bulletin; Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Worldwide, 51

Download here articles of the Bulletin separately (pdf). Section: Articles Strengthening the call to involve mental health care service users and their families in psychosocial rehabilitation programmes. Claudia Sartor. A long-lasting and recovery-oriented experience...

Released WAPR Bulletin, nº 48.

Released WAPR Bulletin, nº 48.

Download here the articles of the Bulletin separately (pdf). Just launched! – The new WHO QualityRights e-training: Advancing mental health, eliminating stigma and promoting inclusion. Michelle Funk, Natalie Drew Bold, Celline Cole, Emily McLoughlin and Maria...

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WAPR Bulletin

WAPR Bulletin is together with the website the major source of communication in our worldwide network. Here we can exchange information, present new ideas for practice development, inspire each other in ways of involving service users and family members both in WAPR activities and in local projects, encourage the establishment of new branches and together promote psychosocial rehabilitation around the world.

In order to strengthen our WAPR network we publish two Bulletins every year; in June and December.

There are five sections:


Message by the president






Sharing of experiences (Field reports from branches, Experiences from users, organizations and other stakeholders etc.)


Upcoming meetings and announcements

We strongly encourage Regional Vice-residents and deputies regularly to provide reports from their regions as well as relevant articles. Brief editorial guidelines follow below. In order to have a dynamic and inspiring Bulletin we must act as a worldwide team.

Editorial team

Chief Editor
Marit Borg, Professor emerita, University of South-Eastern Norway. Center for Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Department of Health-, Social and Welfare studies.
Box 7053. 3007 Drammen. Norway.


Barbara Davanzo
Researcher and leader of the laboratory of Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry at the IRCCS Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, in Milan, Italy. She is the national secretary of the Italian WAPR Branch.


Michalis Lavdas
PhD Research Fellow, Society and Workplace Diversity Research Group, Department of Psychosocial Sciences, University of Bergen
Tel: (0047) 40 59 83 67


Esther Ogundipe, Lecturer at University of Stavanger (UiS) / PhD University of South East Norway (USN)

Anneliese de Wet
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University
Editorial Adviser

Ricardo Guinea
MD. Psychotherapist (ICOMEM), Immediate Past President WAPR, Past President FEARP (Spanish Federation for Psychosocial Rehabilitation), Clinical Coordinator Hospital de Dia Madrid.

Hospital del dia Madrid. Manuel Marañon 4. 28043 Madrid – Spain
Tel:+34 91 759 66 92

Editorial Adviser

Tae-Yeon Hwang
WHO Collaborating Centre. Yongin Mental Hospital

4 Sangha Ri, Kusung Eub. Yongin City, Kyunggi Province Korea 449-769
Tel:+82 31 288 0206 Mobile:+82 11 335 7219

Editorial Adviser

Michaela Amering
Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of Vienna. She has engagement in international organisations such as WPA, EPA, WASP and WAPR, where she co-chairs a Task Force on Ethics and Human Rights.

Editorial Adviser

Peter Yaro
Degree in Sociology and two masters degrees, one in Adult Education and an International Master in Mental Health Policy and Services. He is working with BasicNeeds (www.basicneeds.org / www.basicneedsghana.org ) in Ghana.

Editorial Adviser

Pedro GG Delgado
Professor in psychiatry and works at the Instituto de Psiquiatria Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Author Guidelines

We invite you to send us articles focusing on various aspects of psychosocial rehabilitation. 

The Bulletin is not practicing peer-review.
Length: not more than 3000 words.

We welcome reports from the various activities of the branches and experiences from various stakeholders in the field.

We suggest writing in a narrative style suitable for publishing.

We invite you to inform about upcoming events in the various branches both on the website and in the Bulletin.

Please be aware of publishing times.

The language of publication is English. Authors having English as a second language must have the manuscript edited by an English-speaking person before submission.

We are welcoming original photos that can be published as part of the bulletin with a short caption.


WAPR Bulletin 1-2023: 1. May 2023

WAPR Bulletin 2-2023: 1. November 2023

Download the updated guidelines here

Manuscripts are submitted to Editor Marit Borg: marit.borg@usn.no

The editorial committee looks forward to working together with you!