How much to pay

Identify the amount to pay based on your membership profile. As per the WAPR constitution, the minimum yearly amount to be paid in the form of dues for different membership profiles are:

  • Individual members: 50$.
  • Students, Consumers, Families: 25$.
  • Sponsoring organisation: 1000$.

WAPR Branches 
To be in good standing and have the right to vote in the Assembly, all branches and affiliated organizations are expected to pay dues. The amount depends on the World Bank classification of the country. Check your country’s classification here.

Here the minimum fees every year:

  • Lower income: $50
  • Lower middle income: $50
  • Upper middle income: $75
  • High income: $150

How to pay

You can pay via bank transfer, credit card or onsite at the General Assembly.

A Section: Payment by Bank Transfer

  1. Transfer the dues amount to the following bank account:
    Name of the Bank: Bankia.
    SWIFT Code of the Bank: CAIXESBBXXX
    Denomination of the Account: “Asociacion Mundial Rehabilitacion Psicosocial WAPR”.
    For Transfers in US Dollars: IBAN: ES75 2100 2597 5272 0030 1474
    For Transfers in Euros: IBAN: ES93 2100 2597 5513 0020 5484
  2. Scan or email the electronic invoice to our treasurer, Dr Errico Landi, at Make sure to include the name of your organization for payment identification.

B Section: Payment by Credit Card

  1. Identify the amount you wish to pay according to your membership profile (see “How Much to Pay”).
  2. Convert your payment to Euros using this link.
  3. Select the amount in Euros using the up or down button until you reach the exact amount.
  4. Follow the payment instructions.
  5. Insert your credit card information in the secure payment window, including card expiration date and security code. Press the green button to confirm the payment. You will receive an automatic email confirming the payment.

Print your payment voucher for your records.

Note: Refer to WAPR’s Constitution for detailed information about dues and payment schedules. According to the Assembly decision (Milano, Nov. 11th 2012), a minimum fee is established for all countries as outlined in the “How Much to Pay” section.