14 September, 2017

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WAPR will join World Federation for Mental Health in the World Mental Health Day 2017, October 10th.


Fair on Work and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Murcia, Spain, 2016.

This year, the day focuses in “Mental Health in the Workplace”. The main proposals this year are:

“Commit your team to do your best at being proactive in promoting:

  • Appreciation of employees and workers
  • Creating of a supportive environment
  • Identification of early signs of burnout
  • Creating an organizational culture which reflects value systems and beliefs
  • Stress management
  • Building awareness and reducing stigma
  • Mental health wellness and providing support for employees who need it”.

Conference on Work and Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Murcia, Spain, 2016.

For us, in the field of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, we want also to underline that:

  • Opportunities for training and getting a job are an important part of the path to recovery for many users.
  • Most people affected by mental condition are able to work if they receive training, support and opportunities.
  • Opportunities for training and getting a job are part of the bill of rights supported by the UN Convention of Rights of People with Disabilities.

You can access full information in WFMH website.

You can join the campaign by:

  • Taking a look on the toolkit prepared fro this. Find it in this link.
  • Sharing this call in your social networks.
  • Moreover, you can try involve the media in your city-country, i.e. writing an article to a newspaper. The toolkit provides all necessary evidence and rationale as to make this easy.
  • A more ambiguos endeavor can be to organize a special meeting in your city around this.

We will be happy to receive feedback of your actions in our Facebook profile:



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