WAPR Madrid 2018. Only a few days for the conference.

28 June, 2018

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Reviewing the consensus in Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

Few days for the start of WAPR World Congress Madrid 2018. How to promote the full citizenship of people with disabilities due to mental illness. How to review practices from the perspective of human rights. How to promote the recovery of the person from services.

Three days with mayor specialist in the world.


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Migration Mental Health and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Survey

Dear WAPR Colleagues The purpose of this brief survey is to collect initial information about the extent to which migrants and refugees with mental disorder have access to, and benefit from, psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) programs and services in the countries in...

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Congreso Mundial WAPR Madrid 2018.

Revisando los Consensos en Rehabilitacion Psicosocial: uso  largo plazo de los medicamentos, modelo recuperación, derechos humanos, ciudadanía. www.wapr2018madrid.com

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