WAPR Membership Policy

WAPR offers three types of membership: Individual, National Branch & as a Corporate / affiliated Organization

Individual Members may be either members of the International WAPR or associated through National Branches
National Branches need to meet standard criteria required by WAPR

Corporate Organizations may be either members of the International WAPR or associated through National Branches. In order to be accepted as a member they will provide terms of reference / constitution and report of activities coherent with values and mission of WAPR.

Branches: requirements for new application

Interest, intention and agreement to join WAPR

Name of main officers and brief curricula with specific reference to psychosocial rehabilitation

List of members of proposed national branch membership

Statement expressing the Branch’s Funding Principles (orConstitution) are coherent with WAPR principles and values according WHO-WAPR Consensus statement:

Mission, goals, programs and activities in the field of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, collaboration with other mental health agencies

Dues payment

Branches: requirements for renewal / standard revision every three years

Reports of programs, activities, collaboration from national secretaries (to Secretary General, Solomon Rataemane, srataema@gmail.com, copy to sectech@wapr.info

List of members in good standing

Dues payment

Country Branches as per World Bank Classification Minimum fees every year
Lower income $50
Lower middle income
Upper middle incom $75
High income $150
Regular Individual Member $50
Sponsoring Organisation $1000
Others / Affiliated Organisations $150
Students / Consumers / Families $25

Procedure for Organisations to become a WAPR Member

WAPR Membership Committee

Murali Thyloth
WAPR President

Solomon Rataemane
WAPR Secretary General

Gabriele Rocca
WAPR President Elect

V. K. Radhakrishnan

Pichet Udomratn