“Which Rights for a Meaningful Life”

Webinar of March 21, 2024 (page under construction)


“Mental Health Trialogue” (Michaela Amering University of Vienna)


“The power to decide: limits and possibilities” (Germana Agnetti Co-director of a postgraduate psycotherapy school in Milan)


“The right to access everiday life” (Professor emerita University of south-eastern Norway)


“Participation: The First Step for Human Rights. The Family Perspective” (Errico Landi WAPR Family Representative and Treasurer. Italy)


“The roles of family/caregiver(s) in LAMI countries” (Murali Thyloth Professor of Psychiatry Oxford Medical College. Bangalore.India and N Vyjayanthi Venkataramu Asst. Prof. Dept. of Psychiatry Ramaiah Medical College. Bangalore.KA.India)


Participation: The First Step for Human Rights. The Users Perspective (Guadalupe Morales Cano Director Fundacion Mundo Bipolar. Spain. WAPR users Representattve)


“Conclusions and greetings” (Gabriele Rocca WAPR President. Italy)